Return to Graven

13 Sep

It’s been awhile since I last posted – from Paris! – and I still have a whole bunch of photos to upload and post up here. For now, I think I’ll post them in patches as I go through them, and maybe even as I use them for reference. I tended to take a lot of photos of architecture and narrow little streets, almost as much as I took photos of actual landmarks and such. Anyway, I’m returning to Graven for now, and also returning to the original map I finished almost a year ago. Some minor updates – I rotated the whole thing, and added in some textures for fields/pastures. I’ll go in and redraw those by hand to fit them better into the overall look and feel of the map; I’m leaving them right now since I actually have like negative time to do stuff – I’m a little behind in my class work, and I’m way behind in my Japanese. The subway/metro lines aren’t shown on this particular map, nor are the bus routes (which I still have to work out anyway). I have yet to color code the buildings (which will be it’s own map, of course), but most of the key buildings are labeled. I think the next few things to do are:

  1. street map. I’ll have to draw them in by hand (nothing else is working well), but then I’ll be able to label them more clearly and remove most of the buildings, leaving just the key buildings.
  2. Bus routes map. I’ll base this loosely on the subway lines – there’ll probably be 2-5 different bus systems; or maybe 1 “system” for each district. Still some research to do here.
  3. Building sketches. I’m working on sketching what the key buildings actually look like, although not yet in the actual environment (I’m just sketching single buildings right now, rather than street scenes). I may also/alternatively build them in SketchUp, at least loosely.
  4. Floor plan sketches for key buildings, starting with characters’ houses. I’d like floor plans for all of the key buildings labeled on the map, and maybe even some “floor plan” sketches of the metro stations.
  5. Stylized map – this is just a tentative idea at the moment, but I’d love to have an isometric map of the city. For now, I’m just going to sketch out some of the buildings in isometric to get a feel for the idea, and to practice drawing terrain in isometric. There are parts of the city with rising terrain, which I’m not really sure how to draw smoothly in isometric.

Final subway map           | Final buildings map

*These are extremely large files – open to see them at full size, 20″x20″ (300 dpi, png)

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