Hive Maps

Draft 04


update of the map, page size increased vertically to allow more room for the key and list of locations. Colors modified somewhat, and hopefully all spelling errors corrected.

Draft 03

color_map_03 invert_color_01

  • 2 colored versions, light and dark
  • added list of buildings/locations in some of the Regios
  • marked the player’s “base”/HQ on the map and labeled it in the “key” area
  • Removed the 2 unused hive silhouettes & highlighted the “thorn” a little better (hopefully)
  • Moved the scale note down beneath the hive silhouette (leaving room for a title, if wanted)

** As things are added to the map, I may increase the size of the page (not the scale, though) for extra room. Especially as I add buildings with numbers/letters and ‘link’ them to the text at the bottom, and as more buildings are added overall.

Draft 02

color_map_02 gray_map_02

  • Added a light grid.
  • Added a faint/light background.
  • Added the comm towers.
  • Haven’t changed anything else just yet.

Prelim map drafts.

color_map_01 gray_map_01

Scale is 2 cm = 1 mile (the border shows that measurement, tho’ I forgot to actually write it out on this draft)

My Notes:

  • light (possibly dotted/dashed) grid across the map? Maybe fading out around the edges?
  • box around the hive silhouette (as on the Helsreach map); only *one* silhouette on the final, of course!
  • Font? At least it’s legible, but I’m not sure it works quite right; might try some others, particularly sans-serif.
  • Font size/number of on-main-map labels? If this is as complicated as this map is going to get, both are fine (a smaller size would not go amiss, however, as long as its legible).
  • Title? Possibly in a different font (something more … “gothic”, perhaps)?
  • A key, *if* (and probably only if) the map gets more complicated.
  • The colors on the colored version are okay (at least they’re cohesive, and I based them somewhat on that Helsreach map); but they could do with some tweaking, and possibly the addition of a background. Something like a parchment color + texture, perhaps. Or something smoother?

I’ll be adding in the comm towers in the next 20 minutes or so. Check back for updates!


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