UPDATE 23/12/2013

Therafim World MapClick for a higher-res image, 600 dpi 3000×1834 px (1/2 the size of the original export from CC3)

Well, after a lot of frustration both with Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) and my computer in general for crashing unexpectedly, I’ve managed to complete 3 landmasses on the Therafim world map. Last week I’d roughed in the mountains and rivers for all the landmasses, but lost that file in a system crash.

I had hoped to have this complete, or at least more significantly so, by Christmas, but at this point I’m erring on the side of caution and thinking I won’t be able to get much more done by then. However, that being said, I’m optimistic about moving along a hell of a lot faster than I was previously as I think I’ve finally not only come to grips with the software itself, I’ve gotten a handle on the map itself.


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