Long walks

14 Aug

I walked up to Notre Dame and the Louvre today (Aug. 15 – Monday; late post), but the lines were absolutely horrific. My legs and feet were hurting so bad I couldn’t bring myself to stand in line for the next 2+ hours. I may go back super early tomorrow morning and try to get there before it even opens (Notre Dame opens at 8 am, so I’ll need to leave about 7-7:15 am). Turns out the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays and it’s at least 10€ to get into the permanent exhibit – I may have to pass. I’ll swing by he Eiffel tower after Notre Dame tomorrow, and walk the Champs de Mars.

I did take some pictures of the Arc de Carousel, the Louvre, and the outside of Notre Dame (and the little garden out back of Notre Dame). I think on Wednesday, since I have to leave in the evening, I’ll just walk down to a nearby park. Oh, except on Wednesday I’m going over to Atelier Alupi, the art studio of an artist I e-mailed earlier this summer. I’ll be talking with them for a bit. They’re actually quite close to the hotel – I think it’s about 10 minutes away.

Blegh. It’s so hard getting photos from my phone to my iPad, and then onto the blog. I took so many, it’s hard to tell which photos are from where, since they’re all so small … I’ll post the Notre Dame and Louvre photos when I get back, and can see them full size on a computer …

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