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Map Commissions

I recently checked back in with the commissioner of the Harmak map (Rossik, on the Cartographer’s Guild forums), and he was kind enough to like it a lot. Although I’m not sure it’s “perfect”, he likes it and that’s what matters most. He was even kind enough to ask for my website so he could share it with others, so thank you very much! It’s been a pleasure working with you.

I also checked in with the commissioner of the map of Nogarung, and updated it. Here’s the latest version:

Now, last week I found another request on the Cartographer’s Guild forums, for a “detailed world map for a high fantasy novel“. I e-mailed the commissioner, gorilla0132, and he kindly send over an example map of the style he was looking for, which was quite helpful along with the map he drew of the world himself. It took me awhile to figure out the waves around the edges of the continent, and this map is by no means finished. I thought it would be best to check in with the commissioner before continuing. Here is the first draft of the map (Eos):

For those of you who are wondering, yes – I am taking commissions. For maps, character sketches, SketchUp models, etc. I am a little busy what with finals at my university, but I welcome any and all commissions (to be accepted at my discretion), and would be happy to work with you on any project.


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Maps of Harmak + Demogron

So I spend some time, now and then, on the Cartographer’s Guild forum browsing the maps and exploring the tutorials. Last weekend I offered to create a map for a member (Rossik), and here’s the current result:

I’m in the process of adding a swamp/marsh around the lake area. Having posted an earlier version of the map, I got a request from a new user, jbwncster, for a map of his own location. The current version, which is missing the fields on the main island (Demogron), is here:

I still have to add some fields to Demogron, and I’m considering adding another lake? But once I add the fields I’ll be posting it to the Cartographer’s Guild forums for the commissioner to check. It’s an interesting mapping style, and I think it looks alright, but of course I’ll need to keep working on it. I recently found some great “mini-tutorials” here, that I’d like to try.

Once I get these ‘done’, I’ll be working on the new version of my map of Graven (my own map), which is in a totally different style! I hope to have something to post sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.


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