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Building Avencourt

Avencourt update 04-12-13

Well, I’m still working on this map and finally making some real progress towards a completed draft. The image above is a top-down parallel projection view from within SketchUp, with all the buildings redrawn to fit within the new walls & towers layout. I increased the size of the Royal Palace and the walls around it (on the inside of the town), and I drew in entirely new building footprint shapes within the Royal Palace district itself, for the most part. At the moment, the only thing missing is the Tartarus Prison (other than the terrain, which I’ll be adding in by hand during the final pass). I’ve been having some trouble placing it just right in Sketchup, and since most of the prison itself is actually underground, I think I may just set it up once I get the map into Photoshop for tweaking.

I still plan on printing out the map and tracing over it by hand in pen to get the best hand-drawn quality for the lines. Below is an idea of the town in parallel projection (again, just a SketchUp screenshot):

Avencourt 04-12-13 - Parallel ProjectionThe colors in both these images are just part of the SkU style I selected to make the images more readable. The final colors will be more in keeping with the 17th century style of the maps referenced by the client.

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Maps of Harmak + Demogron

So I spend some time, now and then, on the Cartographer’s Guild forum browsing the maps and exploring the tutorials. Last weekend I offered to create a map for a member (Rossik), and here’s the current result:

I’m in the process of adding a swamp/marsh around the lake area. Having posted an earlier version of the map, I got a request from a new user, jbwncster, for a map of his own location. The current version, which is missing the fields on the main island (Demogron), is here:

I still have to add some fields to Demogron, and I’m considering adding another lake? But once I add the fields I’ll be posting it to the Cartographer’s Guild forums for the commissioner to check. It’s an interesting mapping style, and I think it looks alright, but of course I’ll need to keep working on it. I recently found some great “mini-tutorials” here, that I’d like to try.

Once I get these ‘done’, I’ll be working on the new version of my map of Graven (my own map), which is in a totally different style! I hope to have something to post sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.


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