Mystery Upholstery

upholstery fabric

upholstery fabric

The mystery of the upholstery. Not as fascinating, harrowing, gripping, interesting, or – I confess – as unique as the cases of Sherlock Holmes. It’s true. But hey, I’ve got to get this pic up on the web so I can find it with Google Image Search, so I can search by image!

What I know so far:

  • Embroidered upholstery fabric
  • Ethan Allen sofa (2 with the same fabric, a 2-seater & a 3-seater)
  • Both sofas are wood frame, posts on the back, curved tops, and cushions (which are made of this fabric)
  • Sofas are about 27 years old, never re-upholstered
  • No tags, labels, or other identifying marks on the cushions or fabric samples
  • Photo taken in rather good light, slightly yellow, but fairly bright. Colors should be fairly accurate.

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