New Maps

24 Mar

Well, after coming home for Spring Break week and promptly getting quite sick, I haven’t had a lot of time (in between coughing and sleeping) to work on a lot. But I did take on a few new commissions, and I actually managed to get some rough drafts done. One of the commissions (the Mirai map) is on hold while I wait to hear back from the commissioner, but I’m moving forward, albeit slowly, with the other. And here they are:

Map for Blahman919

Map for Blahman919

Mirai (Dan Dubinsky)

Mirai (Dan Dubinsky)

The map for Blahman919 (cartographers’ guild username) is a more traditional fantasy style map, but the map for Dubinsky is a more modern style map of a “modern island city-state for an RPG setting [Dan is] reinventing“. I’m referencing real-world maps (from Google) for the different areas in the city, including Osaka, New York, and Hong Kong (or was it Shanghai?). The letters are key locations on the original map, and are temporary place-holders until I start putting in the actual footprints/buildings and start filling in more roads – these are just the major ones for now. I’m also looking at working on the style I used for the roads, and I’m definitely using a different color palette! ^o^

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