New Map Commission

05 Jan

Recently I’ve been working on a map for a new “client” (unpaid ‘commission’ put out to anyone interested on the cartographersguild forum). It’s going quite well, and I thought I’d post the latest update. The political borders – the lines with the glow around them – are just place holders at the moment, and are going to be replaced with colored, fading ‘glow’. I also have quite a few geographical features left to add. The forests aren’t finished, and there’s a large swamp area to add, as well as a “drylands” area and several jungles. The mountains and actual mainland and islands are complete, however, and this is the “final” look or “feel” of the map (so far).


I like working in this style, although it is time-intensive and occasionally pain-staking (after the 1st draft, I realized I’d combined some layers – and their effects – and couldn’t replicate what I’d done for new additions. So I had to redo the parchment effects and colors, basically starting over from the black and white ink drawing and base flat colors). At the moment, it’s just taking a lot of time to do the forests, since I have to do small sections at a time to keep them from looking repetitive or like I used a repeating pattern (or the same brush over and over again …). It’s fun and looks nice, though, so I don’t mind it at all.

I’m also still working on my map of Graven, but I’ve moved back to the computer. I got some excellent feedback on the cartographersguild forum – the buildings were too small, and reduced/eliminated the feeling of narrow, winding, almost labyrinthine streets that I was going for. I also wasn’t really sure where I was going with the map, and it was starting to feel too haphazard and “messy”. Hopefully I’ll have an update on that map soon!

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