24 Nov

Alright! I’ve updated the Harmak and Demogron (now called Nogarung), and started working on my map of Graven again! Here are the Harmak and Nogarung maps:


And here’s a part of the the new version of the Graven map:


The city – metropolis, rather, since it’s as big as Tokyo – takes up most of the island it’s situated on, with fields and pastures interspersed throughout. Some fields have been built over, some have been turned into parks, but many others remain. The densest areas of the metropolis are usually along the coast near natural bays, where docks were built for import/export and of course the fishing trade. The south western portion of the island is one of the densest areas not because of docks (although there are quite a few large ones) but because in the south is one area that has not yet been tamed. It’s full of wild beasts such as manticores and cameleopards; currently, the Monster Academy watches the area to prevent beast incursions into the city and students routinely go out for a little practice fighting, and surviving in the wilderness. The section shown above is a portion of the northwestern bay (which I have yet to name); there are docks to the northeast of the section shown, and there are still areas not yet filled.

I got a lot of great advice and information when I posted my first attempt to the cartographer’s guild, but the size of the city and my own impatience/lack of knowledge is leading me down a rather “dangerous” path. I’m going to let the city build itself. Once I build up most of the city, I’ll go in and look for areas that suggest dense commercial districts that may once have been original towns (which would probably have had walls around them), and I’ll “find” locations where castles or fortifications look like they may have stood. I’ll move things around, adjust shapes and size, and add in unique buildings, including ruins and converted buildings (castles that are now art galleries, forts that are now museums, etc.). As I map, I’m also going to be modeling particular “key buildings” in Google SketchUp, and when I make the final decision about where precisely those buildings go, I’ll use the SketchUp models to create matching ‘footprints’ for those buildings. I’ll also be able to use those models as reference for drawings, which I’ll upload here as I work on them.

I haven’t included a scale in this screencap of the map, but its zoomed in to 150% in Illustrator and I’m working at 1/4 the “actual size” of the map (it was too large for 100px to = 100m, so now 400px = 100m). There will be a scale and a key on the final map, and I hope to include some of the drawings of “key buildings” around the edges like a border of sorts. I’m even considering making an “atlas book” or “culture book” with information about the “culture” of Graven; it would include maps of the different districts, close-up maps of important locations, “phone numbers” (fictional, of course!) for different shops, restaurants, and office/government buildings, etc. That’s for the future, though …

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