Name Hex Codes

11 Jul

Some time ago, I figured out a simple way to generate a hex code from a person’s name, based on Numerology principles and hex color codes. Using the hex code, you can get a color for your name! I found this interesting and decided to see if I could expand it with “associations”, like with numerology. This presents a problem since there are 16 possible numbers for each of 6 different positions! This can be divided into 4 sets of 4, for each of the 6 hex numbers. That means I can use the 4 basic elements/seasons (wind/spring, fire/summer, water/autumn, earth/winter) as a guide. Below is my name (Kestrel), in the color of the hex code I got from my name. I’ll then show how to do it for any name, and list the 16 associations for each of the 6 sets.

Kestrel – #349A84

To get my hex code, I set numbers to the letters of the alphabet, starting with 0. When I got to 9 (J), I used the letter-number (10 = A, 11 = B, etc. through 15 = F). When I got to Q (16), I started adding up the single digit numbers (1+6 = 7). Because my name waslore than 6 digits (the length of a hex code), I added the last digit to the first digit. If my name had had more than 1 extra digit, I would have added the 8th digit to the 2nd, and so on.

Below are some examples of common names, in color and with associations (for 1st color only):

Ashley – wind, leopard lily, lizard, healing, ruby, crypt
Megan or Megan – earth, aster, lion, communication, aventurine, dreamer
Ryan or Ryan – water, foxglove, heron, transformation/change, lapis lazuli, dreamer
Matthew – sun, windflower, whale, rest, emerald, mask
Christopher – sun, aster, hyena, strength, amber, storm
Chris or Chris – storm, glory/fire lily, dolphin, dream, ametrine, dreamer
George – lightening, aster, leopard, dream, citrine, mask
Kate or Kate – ocean, windflower, whale, passion, lapis lazuli, dreamer
Adam or Adam – wind, orchid, heron, strength, lapis lazuli, dreamer
Julie or Julie – river, bird of paradise, trout, dream, ruby, dreamer

Julee – river, bird of paradise, trout, passion, ruby, dreamer

If your name is short and you end up with fewer than 6 digits, you can either add as many 0’s to the end of your name as necessary to reach 6 digits (first examples, or you can expand any added digits (a becomes 1,0; r > 8 > 1,7) (second examples).

If your name isn’t on the list, or you go by a nickname, and want the associations, I may post a PDF with the association lists.

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