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Thanks to the Regency Place Name Generator, I named all of Graven’s districts in record time. Next I’ll subdivide these districts into cantons, each of which will have a central plaza. Once I set up the cantons and mark where the central plazas go, I’ll start arranging the buildings. As I place buildings (working outwards from the central plaza in each canton) I’ll let the buildings and lots/blocks create streets and empty spaces (which I’ll either leave blank, as plazas, or color green as parks/natural areas). Some areas I’ll purposely work towards lots of open spaces, either for both plazas and parks or for one or the other, but in other areas (like HarrowLit, and parts of Brimere) I’ll be purposely trying to make everything very dense and not very “park friendly”. I’ll copy and paste and rotate lots/blocks as needed to fill in areas, potentially making this city a lot bigger than it was to begin with! We’ll see, though – I may find that with the less dense areas such as Noredge and parts of Sandersea, Wynsea, and Fellgrove I may have plenty of buildings for filling in. In fact, I may do those districts/areas first, just so I can see how many “left over” buildings I have to work with. Here’s the district map:

Graven Districts

Graven Districts

#EDIT (11/07/2012): after looking at the city layout and reviewing where I want things (and considering how little time I have right now), I’m reworking these districts and basically combining the districts/cantons idea. So instead of having districts with cantons, I’m only having cantons, and I’m moving Solder up to the bay area (now called BarrowLake). I’ll be posting the updated map sometime in the next day or so.

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