Leora’s Apartment

22 Jun


Rather unexpectedly, I got the opportunity to take the CELTA certificate class in Seattle. About 2 weeks ago (right in the middle of some serious research for Graven, which is why I haven’t updated in quite a while), I started the application process. After interviewing, I got a spot in the class (limited to no more than 12 students!) and immediately started prepping. This meant lots of reading, and a “pre-course task”, which is very extensive and thorough, covering a lot of the material we’ll be practicing – and learning how to use in context – during the 4 week intensive course. I’ll be taking “class” (which involves teaching practice as well), 9-5, M-F. On weekends, I’ve been told, I’ll need to take at least a day to do homework. With 4 papers and daily homework, I’ll probably have to continue what I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks – sketching in my notebook, rather than doing digital art. I did, however, take a little time to finish up the floorplan for my main character’s apartment. Her name is Leora, and she’s the red-head with bunny ears in the sketch from the previous post. I’ve recently updated her look, however, so expect to see some new art (mostly pencil, pen, and sharpie or colored pencil) in the next week or so.

Leora's Apartment

Leora’s Apartment

There’s very little furniture, mostly because I really don’t have the time to work out chairs right now. I kind of want a lot of the furniture to be of my own design, specifically for Graven. Not everything, of course – the doors, windows, and stairs (basics) are all “reality-based”. The fridge, desk, and bedside table are all designed by me for Graven (thinking of what Leora would like). I think it really gives some flavor to the world. Below are some shots of the bedside table, desk, and wardrobe (the fridge is just the FridgeBlocks fridge).
Leora's Furniture

Leora’s Furniture

All 3 pieces are made from what are called ‘ModBoxes’ by the manufacturer (still thinking up a name for them). Anyway, the corner pieces can be “folded” 90 degrees, so they can be corner pieces (to make boxes) or they can fold out flat (to make tables, or just a hard writing surface). I think the idea may need a little work, but I guess it could be a sort of “indie” design thing? Leora likes that kinda stuff, and I’m not that great at this kind of design, so we’ll just call it “indie design” and leave it there for now.

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