14 May
Chromagica Poster

Poster detailing the rules of Chromagica

A few months ago, I designed a magic system based on the principles of color. It’s more of a joke than an actual system of magic in Graven, but it’s used a lot in the elements of magic, such as candles, incense smoke, the colors of runes, and even in home decorating (think feng shui, but based on colors rather than furniture placement). I created a poster describing the “rules” of Chromagica (the magic of color); it’s something you might see in a store selling magic supplies, or in a classroom where magic is taught and practice. It can also be found in people’s homes, who believe that even if they don’t have magic, that Chromagica can help them. There is some basic truth to this, as the point of Chromagica is that color itself is a powerful source of magic. Even if you don’t personally have magic, color can still impact your mood, and even your actions. I may fix up the layout, but for now this is the finished poster.

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