Product Design Ad: FridgeBlocks

11 May
Fridge Blocks Ad

FridgeBlocks Ad

This is a simple, full page advertisement for my FridgeBlocks concept idea. The image of the FridgeBlocks isn’t photo-realistic (for now) because I’m having trouble rendering the glass properly in Maya, and I don’t know how to use Kerkythea (yet). I’d really like to reduce the amount of small text at the bottom, maybe change the font used for “Simple Elegance …”, and definitely get a photo-realistic render of the FridgeBlocks. I think the background is okay – I want to set off the sort of fun, light-hearted nature of the FridgeBlocks concept with a more stylish, “elegant” background. Sort of underlines the “Simple Elegance” claim, I guess.

Anyway, the ad was super quick and easy, but I think I need to practice a little more. I haven’t done much advertising practice, since I tend to focus more on illustration and web design. Guess I have to work on rendering, so I can get a nice photo-realistic image for the next ad, and I’ll have to work on actually designing better ads.

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