Product Idea Generation: Fridge

07 May
Fridge Blocks Concept

Fridge Blocks Idea Generation Sheet

Taking a break from the city map, I decided to try something a little smaller. Since Graven is the setting for several stories (and possibly comics) I’m working on, I’ve created characters, creatures, toys, etc. to flesh out the “world”. This particular product design is for a refrigerator. I created the models in SketchUp and simply grabbed screenshots of the work area and brought those images into Photoshop to create this Idea Generation Sheet. I’m currently working on creating a more detailed, photo-realistic render using the free software Kerkythea. Hopefully I’ll have that done in the next day or so; I’ll be using the render to create an advertisement for the fridge (units), something you might see in a magazine. My initial idea is that it would be a full-page ad, since it’s a pretty odd design for a fridge. Things I’ll emphasize are the stacking, the individual temperature controls for each unit, and the variety of colors. I won’t be including the stacking containers or honeycomb-like egg-holder in the ad.

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