UPDATE (finally)

Well, it certainly took me long enough (far too long) to update this map. Not even the holidays or my part time job starting up again can really justify how long it’s taken me to get this far; all I can say is that it hasn’t been easy. Campaign Cartographer was difficult enough to get a handle on, and it has quickly become my single most disliked software at least in regards to cartography. That being said, I think I can be reasonably proud of how this map is turning out, and I’m optimistic about finishing it up. So – here’s what I’ve managed to get done so far, with a close-up shot of one of the most recently finished sections to show the resolution of the final image. Note that the full world map image is at the full resolution and as such is a significantly large image (600 dpi, ~11″ x ~7″).


Full map, at full 600 dpi resolution; very large file, may load slowly

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Building Avencourt

Avencourt update 04-12-13

Well, I’m still working on this map and finally making some real progress towards a completed draft. The image above is a top-down parallel projection view from within SketchUp, with all the buildings redrawn to fit within the new walls & towers layout. I increased the size of the Royal Palace and the walls around it (on the inside of the town), and I drew in entirely new building footprint shapes within the Royal Palace district itself, for the most part. At the moment, the only thing missing is the Tartarus Prison (other than the terrain, which I’ll be adding in by hand during the final pass). I’ve been having some trouble placing it just right in Sketchup, and since most of the prison itself is actually underground, I think I may just set it up once I get the map into Photoshop for tweaking.

I still plan on printing out the map and tracing over it by hand in pen to get the best hand-drawn quality for the lines. Below is an idea of the town in parallel projection (again, just a SketchUp screenshot):

Avencourt 04-12-13 - Parallel ProjectionThe colors in both these images are just part of the SkU style I selected to make the images more readable. The final colors will be more in keeping with the 17th century style of the maps referenced by the client.

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Avencourt: Details

Avencourt 2.1

With a few minor (easy) fixes and of course the addition of several key buildings, this map is quickly nearing a finish. Using an early version of the map (before I pulled all the buildings up and added roofs, and without some small fixes to positioning/sizing), I’m rebuilding the map essentially from scratch. This is just so I can add details, which you can see in the walls and towers. I’m not trying to be incredibly accurate with this details, and won’t be adding anything more “extravagant” than what I’ve got here simply because the map is supposed to be in a hand-drawn, hand-inked, 17th-century aerial perspective style. Having said that, I went into the first version knowing I was going to be rebuilding everything; I really wanted to make sure I had the scale looking alright, and I needed a 3D map to work out the line/edge and shading styles.

Hopefully I’ll have a few different buildings to post in the next day or so; I’ll be making about 3-5 different buildings for each section of the city, which I’ll then duplicate and make minor modifications to in order to fill in the town.

Key buildings, such as the Opera House, Tartarus Prison, Glandem House, and the Royal Palace will, of course, be modeling as one-offs.

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